wp theme <command>

Manages themes, including installs, activations, and updates.

See the WordPress Theme Handbook developer resource for more information on themes.


# Install the latest version of a theme from wordpress.org and activate
$ wp theme install twentysixteen --activate
Installing Twenty Sixteen (1.2)
Downloading install package from http://downloads.wordpress.org/theme/twentysixteen.1.2.zip...
Unpacking the package...
Installing the theme...
Theme installed successfully.
Activating 'twentysixteen'...
Success: Switched to 'Twenty Sixteen' theme.

# Get details of an installed theme
$ wp theme get twentysixteen --fields=name,title,version
| Field   | Value          |
| name    | Twenty Sixteen |
| title   | Twenty Sixteen |
| version | 1.2            |

# Get status of theme
$ wp theme status twentysixteen
Theme twentysixteen details:
     Name: Twenty Sixteen
     Status: Active
     Version: 1.2
     Author: the WordPress team

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Name Description
wp theme activate

Activates a theme.

wp theme auto-updates

Manages theme auto-updates.

wp theme delete

Deletes one or more themes.

wp theme disable

Disables a theme on a WordPress multisite install.

wp theme enable

Enables a theme on a WordPress multisite install.

wp theme get

Gets details about a theme.

wp theme install

Installs one or more themes.

wp theme is-active

Checks if a given theme is active.

wp theme is-installed

Checks if a given theme is installed.

wp theme list

Gets a list of themes.

wp theme mod

Sets, gets, and removes theme mods.

wp theme path

Gets the path to a theme or to the theme directory.

wp theme search

Searches the WordPress.org theme directory.

wp theme status

Reveals the status of one or all themes.

wp theme update

Updates one or more themes.

Command documentation is regenerated at every release. To add or update an example, please submit a pull request against the corresponding part of the codebase.