WC_Template_Loader::template_loader( string $template )

Load a template.

Description Description

Handles template usage so that we can use our own templates instead of the theme’s.

Templates are in the ‘templates’ folder. WooCommerce looks for theme overrides in /theme/woocommerce/ by default.

For beginners, it also looks for a woocommerce.php template first. If the user adds this to the theme (containing a woocommerce() inside) this will be used for all WooCommerce templates.

Parameters Parameters


(Required) Template to load.

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Return Return


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Source Source

File: includes/class-wc-template-loader.php

	public static function template_loader( $template ) {
		if ( is_embed() ) {
			return $template;

		$default_file = self::get_template_loader_default_file();

		if ( $default_file ) {
			 * Filter hook to choose which files to find before WooCommerce does it's own logic.
			 * @since 3.0.0
			 * @var array
			$search_files = self::get_template_loader_files( $default_file );
			$template     = locate_template( $search_files );

			if ( ! $template || WC_TEMPLATE_DEBUG_MODE ) {
				$template = WC()->plugin_path() . '/templates/' . $default_file;

		return $template;

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